Out and About Exploring 

Since my last blog post I’ve been out a couple of times up and down the river including a trip up to the River Tees. 

Last weekend I fished the River Tees with Anne Woodcock and Lisa Isles, we were fishing a strech of the river only available to guests who are staying at Woodencroft Cottages. Throughout the morning there wasn’t much fly life hatching off however for a short spell of around 5 minutes there was a brilliant hatch of Large Dark Olives which Sent the fish bonkers! By this time Lisa had switched to the duo method which brought some well earned fish to the net. I soon switched to fishing the duo and landed my first Tees fish, albeit an out at season Grayling which was safely returned. All in all we had a great day and I’m looking forward to re-visiting the tees later on in the year.

Back to fishing the river calder, I went out one day last week after work.  Arriving to a low, crystal clear river. There were some flies hatching off but not enough to get the trout feeding off the surface. I set up with the duo, with the bouyant dry fly all ginked up and below a small size 18 jig nymph. 

I’ve been catching some resonably sized trout over the past couple of weeks, after watching my dry fly dunk under the surface I struck into what I thought was just another average Calder fish. However when it woke up I knew I just had to land this fish, it was running riot in the tail end of the pool I was fishing! I didn’t know weather it was a big grayling or a trout. It was hard on the bottom. As I gained control of the fish and slid it over the top of my net I was looking at it with disbelief. 

I’m sure some of you have had much, much bigger fish from rivers but my experience of playing the bigger fish in a river is little to none! So All the tips I had been given were all floating around in my head. This fish is definitely one I won’t be forgetting for a while. 


After a couple of quick pictures the fish was returned to fight another day!


After some cracking days and evenings early on this trout season. Now my attention is turned to preparation for this years Ladies international at Grafham… Bring it on! 

Tight lines!   

Back On The River

Let me start by wishing you all a very long over due Happy New Year! I’ve not done as much fishing as I would of liked in the early months of this year. However that all changed today when I squeezed in a couple of hours on my local river Calder.

it was an unexpected trip out due to the weather not being on my side earlier in the week with quite a bit of rain fall, but on my arrival to the river I found it was running a little higher than usual but not much higher than it normally is in this particular spot, and it was running quite clear.

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River Fishing with Lisa Isles

Well this weekend has been exiting! this Saturday I went river fishing with previous England International Lisa Isles. firstly, thank you Lisa for taking the time to come and share your knowledge with me!

we arrived at the river (Calder) at around 10AM, upon arrival there were fish rising all over the place! the weather was the same as it has been for the past couple of weeks now, hot hot hot! and the river was running low. Lisa talked me through a method called “the duo” which is where you fish a dry fly above a nymph. Continue reading

Raygill Lakes with Jack Harris

Well this past weekend has been busy! A 4am wake up on Saturday morning to travel down to the CLA game fair and fishing on Sunday!

Firstly on Saturday me and my family visited the annual CLA game fair which, this year was held at Blenheim palace in Oxfordshire. We set off from yorkshire at 4am to a thunderstorm and very humid conditions. However the further south we got the clouds got lighter and the rain stopped.

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River Tweed Charity Day for Casting for Recovery

Salmon fishing is something which over the past few months has been high up on my ‘to do list’ and on Saturday 5th July I was finally able to tick it off! I was given the opportunity by the inspirational Anne Woodcock.

Anne organised the day to raise money for the brilliant charity Casting for Recovery. A charity that is there for women who’s lives have been affected by breast cancer and can join other ladies on retreats and learn to fly fish. The retreats also give the ladies the opportunity to meet new people and share their story with them, and also have a jolly good time!

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Fishing With England Ladies – Carsington water

This weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish with a couple of the England ladies. Sheena Goode and Lisa Isles at Carsington Water in Derbyshire. We stayed at the knockerdown pub which is just up the road from the water. A lovely place to stay if you are planning a visit!

Carsington water is situated in Derbyshire near the towns of Matlock and Ashbourne. Also near by is Bakewell where you can find the huge brown and rainbow trout in the river.

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Feeding Time At The Zoo

Tonight saw a short session on my local river, the river Calder. as soon as I set eyes on the river there were fish everywhere, and I mean everywhere, up stream, down stream and under my feet! was I in for a good night?

as I set up my rod looking up at every splash, I used a leader about as long as my rod (8ft) with one of my home tied jig nymphs on the end. the weather was my only concern today with it being quite bright and sunny at 8:30pm I thought I might of had to wait a while for any real action. however after a couple of casts I was into a fish. to say it was only a small one, but very pretty at that! he put up a good fight!!


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