Fly Tying Materials Reviewed – Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn!

This week I’m reviewing another new product from Semperfli, Their Dirty Bug Yarn. Its a material that I have come to incorporate in many of my river dry flies and nymphs. There are many reasons for this. when I first received the yarn the first thing that came to my attention was not the many different colors there are but how natural looking they were.

semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn

Immediately I was already imagining what flies I could tie up with the Dirty Bug Yarn? I’ve successfully tied up caddis dry flies using the Dirty Dark Olive & Grey Caddis colors. The Shrimp, Cinnamon & Salmon colors make great use for Gammarus Patterns.

Tying With Dirty Bug Yarn

As I mention above there are many fly patterns you can tie using dirty bug yarn. If you’re new to fly tying you might be wondering how you would use this material? it is super, super easy to work with. If you’re tying small dry flies where you don’t want any bulk simply pinch off the fibers from the rope and dub onto your thread, helping you create a natural looking body!

The other beauty of Dirty Bug Yarn is that you can split the strands, so if youre wanting a thinner profile to your fly simply pull apart the two strands! this is helpful when tying tying smaller flies. Or, if you’re wanting to bring two colors together!

You can of course use it straight from the spool. I’ve found its also a fantastic use for when tying peeping caddis flies. the shades Red, High Contrast Olive and Orange Aphid make great peeping heads on these flies.

It comes in spools of 5M, I like the fact its on a spool too as this make storing it super easy and much more neater!

all in all I have come to love the Dirty Bug Yarn! It’s multi purpose makes sure you can tie loads of different fly patterns with it. You can buy Dirt Bug Yarn from Semperfli Dealers Worldwide! if you’re unsure where your local Semperfli dealer is, simply get directly in touch with Semperfli and they can send you in the right direction!

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