What’s In My Fly Box – Week #1, Orange Hot Spot PTN Jig

Over the next 10 weeks each Monday I will be posting a fly with a step by step on how to tie it and a brief description on how and where I would fish it.

To get the ball rolling the first fly I have chosen is an Orange hot spot pheasant tail nymph. A fly that I use for both Trout and Grayling all year round. I love to fish this fly as part of a team of 2 flies when fishing a “euro nymph” set up. A brilliant method to use while river fishing when nothing much is happening on the surface and a method That is deadly whilst fishing for grayling In the colder months. Its a versatile pattern with many different variations weather that be a different colour bead or a different colour hot spot. its certainly a fly that produces the goods for anglers all over the world. and is definitely a fly you should have in your box!

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