Grayling On The Dries! 

On Wednesday evening after work I ventured out for a fish to my local river, The Calder. It’s been a funny old season for me and I’ll be honest I’ve found trout hard to come by when I’ve been fishing. I know they are there because I’ve seen them! Grayling on the other hand.. now I love grayling, I do. However when all I want is to catch some trout they just can’t help them selves to my flies.

As I arrived at the bank of the river I made the decision to set up my new Marryat Tactical Pro with my French leader and two of my favourite jigs that I’ve had success with the trout previously.

Below are the flies what I set up with.

Jig 1 – PTN With a little orange hot spot.

Hook – Partridge SUJ Jig size 16

Tail – coq de Leon

Tag/butt – orange glo brite

Body – pheasant tail fibres

Rib – silver wire

Thorax – hares ear

Bead – slotted tungsten to suit hook size
Jig 2 – scruffy hears ear

Hook – Partridge Wide Gape Jig #18

Tail 1 – coq de Leon

Tail/tag 2 – glo brite orange

Body – hares ear

Rib – mirage tinsel

Thorax – hares ear

Bead- slotted tungsten to suit hook size
As the evening went on I was having luck with the nymphs but only catching grayling. There were a few fish rising in the next pool up so I decided on a change to a dry fly. Off came the jigs and on went a single parachute dry.

All ready to catch some trout, I knew where I was going to cast the fly, right where there should be trout, nice bubbly water. A perfect holding spot.

The cast was made, the fly was taken, another grayling! Never mind I thought. I’ll get them next time.

Just a short story for you to get back into the swing of things. You can expect more blogs, fishing videos, flies from me soon.
This weekend I am planning to do some fishing but I’m not sure where yet. Maybe a river near you? After that i will be preparing for the ladies National which is at Pitsford water this year where I will hope to qualify for the England Ladies Team for 2018.

Tight lines 🎣🎣

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