Tying a Olive CDC Up-wing Dry Fly

As the rivers across the country open up for the trout season we still have a little bit longer to wait in Yorkshire, as they don’t kick off until the 25th march. Not too much longer though!

In anticipation of the season to get rolling, I’ve been filling the last few remaining gaps in my fly boxes. The latest batches have been some CDC upwing dry flies.

See below how I tie this fly!

Materials used ;

Hook – Partridge Standard Dry #14

Thread – Gordon Griffith Sheer thread 14/0 Olive

Tail – two coq de Leon fibres

Body – Polish Quills Stripped Quill, Olive

Wing – two CDC plumes

Thorax – hares ear dubbing

UV resin – Deer Creek Diamond Hard (optional)

Step 1 – secure the hook in the vice and proceed to start your thread.

Step 2 –

Don’t cut off the waste piece of tying thread as you’ll need that to split the tail of the fly in the next step!

Run the thread down the hook to the bend, making sure the tag end of the thread stays as straight as you can keep it on top of the hook shank!

Step 3 –

Tie in the two strands of Coq De Leon, to split them what I do is get them in the position I want them to stay in, then bring the end of the tying thread through the middle of them to create a V shape.

Catch the thread in and take it back towards the eye of the hook.

Step 4 –

Marry up 2 CDC feathers, place on top of the hook and secure with your thread.

I like my wings to be about as long as the hook shank when you bend them back.

Step 5 –

Secure the CDC in place and trim away the waste end of the feathers.

Tidy up and run the thread back down towards the tail.

Step 6 –

Tie in the stripped quill, take the thread back toward the wing creating a nice flat surface for the quill to wind on to, note, to achieve the flattest surface for the quill I spin my thread to ensure when I’m winding the thread around the shank it’s lying flat. Once you have a nice tapered body your happy with take your hackle pliers and bring the quill up toward the wing.

Step 7 –

At this stage of the fly to protect the quill you can add a dab of UV resin over it or, what I sometimes do is just add some super glue over the top.

In this instance I have added a coat of Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV Resin.

Step 8 –

If you’ve chosen to use uv resin cure it with your light. Once that is done grab some hares ear. Not too much as you don’t want to bulk up the fly. Dub it onto the fly and whip finish.

And that’s it! Ready to rock and roll and tempt some wild brownies come the 25th!!

As many of you will know Wojtek and his friend Arek from Polish Quils were involved in a terrible, terrible car accident in New Zealand. I would just like to add I wish them both a very quick recovery and I send all my best wishes to both of them and their families at this tough time

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