It’s Good To Be Back! 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I’m back again! 

I can’t say I’ve done a huge amount of fishing  this year so far due to one thing or another or the weather putting plans on hold.  And after just getting back from a lovely two week holiday I was very eager to get out on the river and catch some fish! 

The first day back at work is always a killer so come 4pm when I left I got home and got my gear together and took a stroll down to the river. I’m incredibly lucky to live so close to the river which gives great sport. 

Upon my arrival I was unaware what the weather had been like in England for the last couple of weeks and could see the river was carrying a slight colour. I observed the stretch and with nothing happening on the surface I opted for some nymphs. Two of my favourites for the Calder, a very natural quilled silver beaded #18 and a simple yet very effective  size #18 olive jig.

One noticeable change to the particular stretch I was fishing was that in a matter of weeks the usual path I would take to the river has now been entangled in weeds and over hanging trees! 

Finally I was in the river and ready to fish. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to play a fish but before long my rod was arched over and I had the first of the session in my net.  

Shortly after this trout I was watching my indicator tottle along waiting in anticipation for any sudden stop. When it did the fish on the end was not happy, it was hard on the bottom and made a run downstream, getting the fish under control I got it’s head up and I saw the ever so recocnisable dorsal fin of a fine looking grayling and slid it over the rim of my net.  

A quick snap and returned safely. 


Followed by some more grayling and 1 trout to takes dried up as the fish were now focused on feeding on the hatching flies coming off the river. Time to change,  now. Before I go into this I can’t be the only person who has done it? Surly. 

So I go to my bag, look for my dry fly box, it’s not in the pocket that it’s usually in. I then had the heart stopping feeling it had fallen out and was on its way to the ocean. Only to remeber, moments before setting off to the river I had quickly tied a fly, placed it in my box and left the fly box on my fly tying desk. No evening rise for me 😦  lesson learned, I’ll always check I have both my fly boxes before I leave the house! 
Above is the fly that was most succesfull, a natural quill silver beaded nymph. 

Hook – Partridge Of Redditch standard dry #14/16&18 

I also use the Partridge Of Redditch Fine Dry hook for this pattern in a size 18. 

Thread – 14/0 tan/brown 

Tail – Coq De Leon 

Body – Polish quills, natural 

Thorax – spiky rabbit fur

Bead – silver to suit the hook size. 

Finished off with a dab of  Deer Creek UV resin
I hope you enjoyed guys! 
Tight lines 🙂 

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