New Friends, Fishing, Tea and Cake! What More Could You Ask For! 

Last weekend I spend the day on the River Ure surrounded by picturesque views, in North Yorkshire on a ladies day organised by Brian and Sue Towers and Anne Woodcock. With ladies of all abilities in attendance it was lovely to meet more ladies interested in Fly Fishing! 

Meeting at the farm shop for tea, coffee and a spot of breakfast we all got to know one another and talked fishing!  Off to a great start already! 

Arriving at the river, which was running rather low. We all got geared up for Brian to give his introduction which was brilliant, Showing how to do  casts for both trout fishing and salmon fishing. The trout were actively rising all morning as we were preparing to get on the water and have some casts at these fish. 

It’s true, time flys when you’re having fun! Before we knew it, it was dinner time already and time to tuck into the buffet kindly  prepared and brought down to the river by Sue, accompanied by some gorgeous soup! 

Soon after dinner Brian took me up-stream past some more good looking trout to have a cast at on my way back down.  I jumped in the river further up and slowly got into position to work my spiders through a fast run of water. A few casts later I had a bonnie trout in my net. Followed shortly by another. I tried my look at the uber spooky fish on the slower water however failed to tempt them with the dry fly, next time! 

As we all gathered at the end of the day to talk about the day’s events, everyone seemed to have a great day and the sun even made an appearance! Who says we don’t get sun up north? 

A big thank you to Brian, Sue and Anne for your hard work on the day and also to The brilliant Cliffie boy! 

I hope to see you all on the bank again soon, tight lines. 

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