Favourite Flies For Early Season! 

Well, it’s been a very long winter, many of you will have spent countless hours at your vices filling up your fly boxes. Waiting in anticipation for the rivers to open their doors for some trout fishing! The wait is over! Happy Trout Season! 

I have a few favourite flies I like to use to temp trout in the early weeks of the season. I often walk the banks with my springer spaniel, Holly, and look for new spots on the river. If you read my last post. My local river, the Calder, was hit badly by the Boxing Day floods so looking for new spots has been made difficult at times and I’m eager to find out what’s in store for the season ahead! 

Below you’ll find a few flies I like to tempt the trout with early season!
Hares Ear Jig – 

Hook – Partridge Of Redditch SUJ JIG #16

Thread – UNI thread, Fire Orange 8/0 

Tag – glo Brite Orange 

Tail – CDC strands 

Rib – fine silver wire 

Body – hares ear 

Thorax -hares ear 

Bead – silver 3.0
F Fly 

Hook – Partridge of Redditch fine dry #16 

Body – Super Fine dubbing/olive 

Wing – 2 CDC feathers


Olive Jig (my favourite!) 

Hook – partridge of Redditch jig #18 

Thread – olive 8/0 

Tail – Coq de Leon 

Tag – glo Brite Orange 

Body – either Transbrite or Olive Dubbing

Thorax – hares ear (the really spiky bits!) 

Bead – 3.0 silver or copper 
I hope you all have a brilliant season with lots of memories made on the way! 
Tight lines! 

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