Birthday fishing! 

After a weekend of birthday celebrations, on Sunday I took to the river in hunt of a birthday fish! 

Making the short walk down the hill to the river I walked a little further up then normal taking a route I can only describe as walking through a jungle. Weaving in and out of the way of hanging branches I was finally bank side of the river, fish were rising happily to hatching flies.

After reaching some faster water I set up using my normal method, the duo. I ginked up the sedge and got down the the business. 

The run of water I am fishing has a mixture of low and high hanging trees so not only do you have to be careful where you cast but also if you hook a fish you might have to guide your rod around the over hanging features. 

Having no luck with the duo i switched to fishing two of my favourite olive jigs, which have been successfull for me so far this season. I fished them on a long leader under an indicator, casting them upstream watching the indicator for any sudden stop. Fishing this method saw me catch the first of the evening. A beautifully marked spotty brownie!  

Over all i had a good little session. I hope you all have your line pulled if your out on the water this week! 

Tight lines!  

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