Fishing on The River Calder 

I’ve been out a few times this past couple of weeks and had some great sport on the river.

A couple of weeks ago I did my first fly tying demo at Fly Only  in Huddersfield were I was tying some olive jigs which were successfull for me last season. Alex Jardine suggested I add an orange tag on the end, they looked even more appetising (if you’re a trout that is) 



 On Monday evening after work I made the short trip down the road to my favourite “spot” Im still getting use to using a differnt rod on the river, a Greys 10ft 4wt XF2 streamflex, but after a few times out I love it! 

I set up with two of the above flies on a long french leader. Casting up stream and tracking the flies back down the river watching the indicator for any sudden stop. When the indicator stops its either the bottom or a fish! 

  This bonny little trout was a fool for the olive jig!


I had a decent couple of hours before the rain settled in, next weekend I’m fishing the River Tees with Anne Woodcock be sure to pop back and see how we got on! 



Olive Jig Fly 

Hook – Partridge  Jig size 18

Bead – 3.0 slotted tungsten 

Tail – Coq De Leon 

Tag – Glo Brite no.4 

Body – funky fly tying trans Brite in olive 

Thorax – hares ear (make sure you get the spiky bits!) 

Tight lines! 

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