Back On The River

Let me start by wishing you all a very long over due Happy New Year! I’ve not done as much fishing as I would of liked in the early months of this year. However that all changed today when I squeezed in a couple of hours on my local river Calder.

it was an unexpected trip out due to the weather not being on my side earlier in the week with quite a bit of rain fall, but on my arrival to the river I found it was running a little higher than usual but not much higher than it normally is in this particular spot, and it was running quite clear.

with all this In mind I pulled on the waders and set up my new Greys Streamflex 10ft 4wt with a long leader then an indicator with two jig flies below. I’ve been tying a lot of jig flies lately on the Partridge jig hook, tying lots of flies is ok but I’ve been itching to get out and see if my creations work! and work they do! the Grayling were loving my point fly which I don’t have a name for yet. but here it is ;

jig hook

hook – Partridge SUJ jig hook size 18

Tag – glo brite number 4

Tail – Coq De Leon

Body – Hends spectra dubbing number 45

Thorax – Orange Glister dubbing

Bead –  3.0 slotted tungsten

all of the fish fell to the fly above, 4 Grayling and 1 out of season trout. this short session was a lot of fun and I hope to be back on the river very soon, next weekend sees a trip to Glasgow for the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend.

tight lines.


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