Putting the Practice into Play

A couple of weeks ago I tagged along to a trip to France with Lisa Isles, fishing the chalkstreams in Northern region Meeting up with Jeremy Lucas. Paul & Sue sissons and Gavin Walsh . Up until this trip the only river fishing for trout I had done was on my local river, the river Calder. I knew the fishing would be totally different from what I had been doing so I was eager to learn new techniques and hopefully play some bigger fish.

Throughout the week I was in France every day was a new learning day. The chalkstreams were just how I pictured them, crystal clear. We started the first day using the duo method however soon changed to the French leader. Fishing with two micro nymphs.

Fishing these rivers you have to be very stealthy as the fish are very easily spooked, as we found out. Keeping low is an absolute must! Hand and knees stalking and some times on your belly peaking over the bank at a huge trout, hoping and praying it’s not seen you. You will only have one or two casts at them before they sense something is not quite right and get spooked. Resulting in the fish darting away. So trying to get it right on the first attempt is vital. However when you do get it right you’ll are rewarded with fin perfect fish like the following pictures.



As well as trout we came across a couple of grayling throughout the week including this beauty who fought like a trooper.




So. Upon my return from this trip I have ventured out a few times to see if I could get at the bigger fish. And that I have done! As well as a learning curve the trip also gave me a massive confidence boost in playing bigger fish.

The past couple of weeks my local river (calder) has been producing some very nice trout and lots and lots of grayling. I got to the river and set my rod up with what is now my most used method. The duo, where I have been fishing I’ve known where the bigger fish lie but have never managed to connect with them. However, putting the techniques that i have picked up into play, like being much more slower in the build up and reducing movement in the water to a minimal I was able to catch a few of them. The majority falling to a tiny beaded nymph.




This weekend I am at graham water taking part in a mixed pairs competition, fishing with my dad! Be sure to pop back next week to see how we got on!
Tight lines


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