River Fishing with Lisa Isles

Well this weekend has been exiting! this Saturday I went river fishing with previous England International Lisa Isles. firstly, thank you Lisa for taking the time to come and share your knowledge with me!

we arrived at the river (Calder) at around 10AM, upon arrival there were fish rising all over the place! the weather was the same as it has been for the past couple of weeks now, hot hot hot! and the river was running low. Lisa talked me through a method called “the duo” which is where you fish a dry fly above a nymph. so we set up with a sedge dry fly and a tiny nymph underneath it. 10 minutes or so passed an with fish rising all over they were not at all interested in the flies we had on offer. So Lisa introduced me to fishing the NZ style. which is where you have a dry fly but you actually tie another piece of leader on to the ben of the dry fly then tie a nymph on the end of the that.

straight away we started getting takes and this saw Lisa get the first fish of the day, a lovely brownie.

first trout of the day

feeling more comfortable with fishing with two flies I took the rod and had a go! the number of takes we were getting was crazy. with mostly all grayling coming to the net, including a new PB for my self! the majority of the fish caught all fell to the tiny beaded nymph.  


throughout the morning I lost two good trout however I did manage to land one!


after an absolute brilliant time we headed back to my house for a fly tying lesson! learning to tie the sedge dry and the plume tip, both excellent flies for the river as I have found out over the past couple of weeks! thank you again Lisa for a brilliant day and for the excellent photos! another plus is that we didn’t get sun burn!

tight lines!!


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