Raygill Lakes with Jack Harris

Well this past weekend has been busy! A 4am wake up on Saturday morning to travel down to the CLA game fair and fishing on Sunday!

Firstly on Saturday me and my family visited the annual CLA game fair which, this year was held at Blenheim palace in Oxfordshire. We set off from yorkshire at 4am to a thunderstorm and very humid conditions. However the further south we got the clouds got lighter and the rain stopped.

Throughout the day I saw friends and met new friends! Thank god the rain stayed off for the majority of the day with only a couple of downpours (literally. Downpours). It was a great day! I was persuaded by Lisa isles to enter the ladies trout distance casting competition in which I came 4th! Well done to Lisa though who came 1st!
I’m already exited for next years show which will be held at Harewood House near Leeds, a little more closer to home!

Sunday saw a trip to Raygill Lakes near Skipton. I last visited Raygill around 12 months ago where I caught my first trout on the fly. Weather conditions were far from perfect, very hot and blistering sun. This in mind. I decided to start the day with a sinking line with a long leader and a cats whisker on the end even though the fish were going bonkers on top of the water.
Jack and my dad were both on floating lines jack had a dry fly on and my dad a white lure.
We weren’t the only ones not catching I saw one guy catch one fish in the first two hours. Jack had missed one fish of the top and me and my dad had had nothing. I stuck with the sinking like because although they were jumping all over they weren’t taking the flies on offer which made me think they were deeper down.

Finally my dad made a break through and he had a fish on. It was caught on a black and red diawl Bach. Cast out and retrieved slowly.

Today I was fishing with my dad and Jack Harris. Jack is a family Friend and has been fly fishing for most of his life! He knows every trick in the book!! And is the reason why me and my dad started fly fishing!


Shortly after jack’s persistence with the dry fly paid off and he was rewarded with a fish. I, however had one pull all day, but let’s not talk about that! We all three had a good days fishing and I’m sure I will be out with jack again in the near future!

This weekend I am going river fishing with England international Lisa Isles on the calder! Be sure to come back next week and read how we got on!
Tight lines!!


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