Summer Nights on The River

This past week has seen three evening sessions, finishing work at 4pm and heading straight to the river

On Tuesday me and dad decided to take a walk further upstream, we fished just below the weir by sowerby bridge cricket club.

I was using an Orvis Streamline 5 wt set up with a floating line and a 3lb leader with a pheasant tail nymph (PTN) size 18.

I stepped into the river and the fish went crazy! Everywhere I looked there was some kind of fish movement!

First cast and I was in! A lovely marked brown trout


On Wednesday I couldn’t help but return to my new fishing spot. Upon my arrival the fish were at it again. I started with the PTN but after around half an hour seeing all the movement on the top of the water I tied on a plume tip dry fly designed and tied by Jeremy Lucas. After a few nibbles at it I hooked a beautiful brown.


On Thursday saw my dad fish on the river properly for the first time with his new orvis encounter rod. Put it this way. He out fished me! He was using the same PTN that I was using the previous day when his line went tight. When the fish was landed and unhooked we both looked at each other with the biggest grins in the world!




An enjoyable week of fishing and a trip my dad won’t forget in a hurry!

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