Feeding Time At The Zoo

Tonight saw a short session on my local river, the river Calder. as soon as I set eyes on the river there were fish everywhere, and I mean everywhere, up stream, down stream and under my feet! was I in for a good night?

as I set up my rod looking up at every splash, I used a leader about as long as my rod (8ft) with one of my home tied jig nymphs on the end. the weather was my only concern today with it being quite bright and sunny at 8:30pm I thought I might of had to wait a while for any real action. however after a couple of casts I was into a fish. to say it was only a small one, but very pretty at that! he put up a good fight!!


a wild calder brownie

my tactics for tonight were casting downstream. Using a roll cast because of trees behind me I couldn’t use the overhead cast, then a slow retrieve back up. The next 10-15 minutes saw another beautifully marked trout and some nibbles. The fishing was on fire, it was like feeding time at the zoo!!

Then, my line tightened and I was into a good fish, reluctant to come up to the surface the fish was bombing for the bottom of the river every time I pulled my line. Finally I got the fish in my net.
wow! I knew as soon as I got my first proper glimpse at the fish that it was my personal best from the Calder.

personal best wild brownie

after a few quick pictures the beautifully marked brownie was safely released back. I only had enough time for a short but enjoyable hour tonight. I will next be fishing on the river on Sunday.
tight lines if you will be out fishing this week!

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