River Calder 01/06/14

Today I had a morning on the river, when I arrived it had dropped considerably since my previous visit earlier in the week. upon arrival there were plenty of fish showing so I decided to tie a size 18 parachute dunn onto my leader, half an hour had passes and nothing had happened, there was plenty of fly life around but they didn’t want my fly. So I put on a tungsten bead nymph which has been very successful for me in the past few weeks when the river has been high and coloured.

after a few casts I was into a fish, the fish was putting up a good fight but was soon in my net! and what a beautiful fish it was. after a quick photo (taken by my official photographer Graham hake A.K.A my dad) the fish was safely returned

only a short couple of hours today however a very enjoyably couple it was! I will however be back on the river invertebrate monitoring later on in the week hopefully.




One thought on “River Calder 01/06/14

  1. Hi Phillippa your blogs are great and fishing too. I guess you are busy but please could you give me some brief tips on nymph fishing. I am new to Fly fishing I love taking them on the top and can do that when they are around but never caught or tried on a nymph. I plan to explore the stretch you mentioned very soon also.

    Massive thank you … Mitch 🙂

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