Unexpected trips are the best!

After finishing work I decided to pull out the waders and boots and head to the river.

At first glance there were fish rising and jumping all up the river. I decided to start just under the bridge in Sowerby Bridge which is best for dry fly action.
At the end of my leader I had a small parachute Dunn which had brought me luck last time out on this stretch of the Calder. With in 5 minutes I had had a couple of nibbles but struck too early.
With my heart in my mouth I saw the jaws of a brownie rising towards my fly. If you’ve ever caught a fish on the dry you’ll know what I’m talking about! He took the fly aggressively and I was in!



The fish put up and good fight but e was soon in the net! Phew! When I got the first good look at my catch I realised that it was my PB on the river.

Since the start of this season I never really took to river fly fishing but I really have this year! And I’m glad because I love it!





Only a short outing this time however I will be back on the river hopefully next week!
Tight lines 🙂

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