Mere Beck Trout Fishery April 2014

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter bank holiday! And if you were fishing I hope you had some great sport.

This weekend I fished at Mere Beck, a trout fishery that is just out side of southport. After reading on their website what fish had been caught and what they had been caught on I had tied up the appropriate flies for my trip.

When I arrived at the fishery I was eager to get ready and get fishing, there were a few fish rising in the first lake which was promising. So no doubt that when I had paid and set up that is where I started. The weather, I think, was just right. Over cast and a light wind, however at times it did blow quite a gale!

I set my rod up with a single size 12 buzzer on the end. After around half an hour I hooked into my first fish. It was putting up a fight! I though it was brilliant, first fish in the first half hour I thought I’d be in for a good days fishing. How wrong was I? My first three fish I hooked all came off.

As I grew more and more frustrated my hunger to catch a fish grew more. After a few quiet moments I hooked into another fish. Determined that it wasn’t going to get away like it’s friends, I played him carefully. When I landed him I was like a little kid at Christmas. I had caught my first blue trout. And on one of my home tied buzzers!!


I had two lovely blue trout on the top lake when i decided it was time to go for a cuppa and find my next spot. I chose to fish the smaller lake situated below the cabin, I kept my buzzer on and set out. I hadn’t seen a fish rise but gave it a few more casts. I was just about to move onto the next lake when as I was reeling my line in a nice rainbow took the buzzer! Not a monster, it was about 2lb landed and safely returned.

When I had finished fishing the smaller lake I decided to give the bigger lake a go. Before I started to fish I changed my fly to a snatcher. There were fish rising and jumping everywhere! I cast out anticipating a take. Nothing happednd when out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge commotion on the lake, I cast towards it when a second after my fly hot the water a fish took it. What ever it was he certainly didn’t want to come up! And it wasn’t even big but When I got my first glimpse at it I knew what it was. A beautifully marked Brook trout, my first one of these too! When he was ready I netted him with a huge grin on my face! A few quick pictures and back he went to fight another day.



Over all I was impressed with Mere Beck and will be back for more fishing in the future.

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mere beck

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