First Brownie of The Season, River Calder

this week I have been out three times on the river. Two outings resulted in blanks, but with the lighter nights and the okay “ish” weather it was just nice to be out on the river. So with my two blank sessions earlier in the week at the back of my mind, I set out after I finished work determined that today was the day I was going to get my first trout of the season.

When I arrived at the river it was running higher than normal due to rain in the night, but was still fishable. I took 5-10 minutes looking at the river spotting any rising fish. there was nothing. I set up my rod with a long leader with a silver tungsten bead nymph tied on the end.

happy with my set up I entered the river. My method was to start down stream and cast up-stream. working my way back up-stream nothing was happening. I was confident in the fly I had on so I chose not to change my set up. so I sat on the bank thinking of a different approach. when I came up with a plan I re-entered the river.

This time my plan was to cast out towards the wall on the other side of the river, the flow took my fly down stream, where I started a slow figure of eight retrieve. it seemed to do the trick as I hooked my first brownie of the season.

a Calder Brown Trout

just a short session today, however I will be back on the river next week hopefully.

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