Unexpected trips are the best!

After finishing work I decided to pull out the waders and boots and head to the river.

At first glance there were fish rising and jumping all up the river. I decided to start just under the bridge in Sowerby Bridge which is best for dry fly action.
At the end of my leader I had a small parachute Dunn which had brought me luck last time out on this stretch of the Calder. With in 5 minutes I had had a couple of nibbles but struck too early.
With my heart in my mouth I saw the jaws of a brownie rising towards my fly. If you’ve ever caught a fish on the dry you’ll know what I’m talking about! He took the fly aggressively and I was in!


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Coniston Hall Lake 27/04/2014

this weeks fishing trip took me to Coniston Hall Lake, which is just out side of Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. the lake is 24 acres and has a boat house and a cabin where you can find life jackets and boat seats. As well as a picnic area for the summer days. while there are boats for hire you can also choose to bank fish if you wish to.

We set off from home at 7am, it was a very dull morning with a low fog over the hills. we arrived at Coniston at around 8:15am. when you arrive to fish at the lake, you have to go to the hotel reception to pay for your ticket then drive down to the boat house. as we were driving down the track past the stunning views, we could see quiet clearly fish rising all over the lake. we stepped out of the car only to hear the sound of the birds in the trees and the water splashing up against the boats, oh and the off sheep.

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River Calder – Copley

On Sunday afternoon I ventured out onto the river. I got my gear on and set my rod up with a silver tungsten, a fly that has worked well for me on my past couple of visits on the river. My first spot was just behind Copley village, a popular spot with the fly anglers. I spent about 5 minutes looking at the river and deciding where I was going to fish first. I chose to fish up-stream and let the flow of the river take my fly down. the weather conditions weren’t great, a strong wind made casting up-stream difficult at times.

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First Brownie of The Season, River Calder

this week I have been out three times on the river. Two outings resulted in blanks, but with the lighter nights and the okay “ish” weather it was just nice to be out on the river. So with my two blank sessions earlier in the week at the back of my mind, I set out after I finished work determined that today was the day I was going to get my first trout of the season.

When I arrived at the river it was running higher than normal due to rain in the night, but was still fishable. I took 5-10 minutes looking at the river spotting any rising fish. there was nothing. I set up my rod with a long leader with a silver tungsten bead nymph tied on the end.

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