Walton hall fly fishery


Last weekend I visited Walton Hall in Wakefield for the second time with my dad. The first time the majority of the lake was coverd in weed. This time the weed had been cleared up which made navigating the boat a lot easier

We arrived at about 09:00 and got allocated our boat. I set up my rod with a single home tied buzzer on the end. My dad was using a blood worm. The weather wasn’t too bad some cloud and breaking sun every now and again.

As we set out on the boat there wasn’t many fish showing or giving away their location. It was a windy day so we were advised to stay on the upper section of the lake. We started out a few metres away from the jetty. No luck. So we mover round the lake where my dad managed to hook, what looked a good size rainbow. But it came off!!

It was time to change my fly, I put one of my home tied cormorant flys on and within 5 minutes I had landed my first fish of the day. 1-0 to me!

There were a couple of other boats on the lake and one man caught a 6lb pike earlier in the morning! It wasn’t long before I landed my second fish. I had found their hiding place and worked out how they liked to take the fly. Cast out, let it sink for about 7-10 seconds and a few sharp pulls then wait for the take. It seemed to do the trick for me.

By mid-day I had had 4 fish and we decided to go back to the lodge for a toilet break. We returned to our boat and set out again. My dad wasn’t having much luck with his bloodworm so changed to a green and white lure, shortly after he got his first and sadly only fish of the day. Me and my dad like to have competitions on who’s going to catch more fish. I was winning 5-1 at this point!

As our day drew to an end I managed to hook my beast fish of the day a beautifully marked rainbow.

A good day was had by both me and my dad. Walton hall is a beautiful fishing location and I expect we will be back shortly for more fishing!!


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