Invert monitoring

I was lucky enough to attend an invertebrate monitoring workshop which was run by Stuart Crofts at Gibson Mill in Hebden Bridge.

We met at Hebden train station and got driven up in groups to the location, the weather was looking good, the sun was out but it was on the chilly side and rain was forecast later on in the day.

When everyone had arrived we got briefed on what the day would consist of and what we would be doing. I’ve never done anything like this before so everything was new to me. Just looking at pictures of the creatures that lay on the bottom of our rivers fascinated me.

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Walton hall fly fishery


Last weekend I visited Walton Hall in Wakefield for the second time with my dad. The first time the majority of the lake was coverd in weed. This time the weed had been cleared up which made navigating the boat a lot easier

We arrived at about 09:00 and got allocated our boat. I set up my rod with a single home tied buzzer on the end. My dad was using a blood worm. The weather wasn’t too bad some cloud and breaking sun every now and again.

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